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by Larry Emmott on May 24, 2016

in Digital Marketing,e-Services,Internet,Social Media

When you Google some dentists by name you find a direct link to their web site at the top of the page. To the right is a big box with the address, phone number hours of operations and lots of patient testimonials.

This does not happen by accident. The big box is created by Google Business (was Google+). Reviews are generated by happy patients. But not just happy patients happy patients who have been asked to write a review.

Any dentist with a stellar online presence like the one described above created it with good planning, time and money. It is possible for a dentist or dental team member to create a positive online reputation using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), reviews and social media. However for most dentists it is much more effective and efficient to use a service such as Sesame Communications, Action Run or Lighthouse 360.

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