How To Remove Negative Reviews from Google

by Larry Emmott on September 13, 2011

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If your business finds itself the victim of negative reviews that have the potential to significantly harm your online reputation, as well as your bottom line, don’t panic. Although removing and burying negative reviews on Google can be extremely frustrating, it is by no means impossible.

The linked article describes several steps a business owner (dentist) can take to remove negative reviews from Google. However it also states that reviews from other sites like Yelp can not be  removed easily, if at all, and can continue to show up on search results for years. They offer no sure fire solution except to drown out the negative with positive. Never the less it is a good idea to do what you can.

Almost all online reviews are anonymous. This presents several problems. First people tend to be rude and combative if they can hide behind a screen of anonimity. Second, almost every dentist I know would go the extra mile (heck the extra ten or twelve miles) to fix a problem. But they can’t offer a solution or even an apology if they don’t know who the unhappy patient is.

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