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At the ADA: OralEye

3iPhonesOralEye is a smart phone App that lets users take and upload photos to a dentist for evaluation and possible diagnosis.

The app starts with a short questionnaire asking patients for basic demographic information and to describe their dental concern. It then guides them through the process of taking six images including a smile, retracted bite and upper and lower occlusal view.

The forms and images are uploaded to a HIPAA compliant server and the dentist is notified. The dentist can then log on, read the concerns, examine the photos and provide a preliminary diagnosis, recommendations for action and a likely fee range.

Of course it is not possible to provide a complete definitive diagnosis from photos, however it is possible to see gross decay, fractured teeth and heavy supra gingival calculus. Patients obviously in need of care can be directed to the office for immediate follow up.

Right now the app is iPhone only although an Android version is planned for the future. The quality of the camera varies significantly with Android phones making it more difficult to assure clinically acceptable photos.

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