Dine Digital Solution


The camera lights to the back of the mouth with NO additional attachments Our fastest focusing hand held camera ever!! Greatest depth of field of any of the Dine Digital Solutions. Ever wanted to get away from using the bulky Single Lens Reflex systems? Introducing….The Dine Digital Solution

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The camera creates its own WIFI environment, sending images to a Tablet or Smart Phone. This is very convenient however you need to be cautious of security issues. You should not e-mail images unless you have encrypted e-mail. You need to be cautious of sending images to your phone as they are often auto stored to the cloud which creates another HIPAA issue.

Never the less this looks like a great product for dental offices.

IMHO every dental office should take a series of patient images just as we now take radiographs. They are great for treatment planning and provide a superb record for medical legal issues.

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