Fourth Generation USB Cameras

Direct USB cameras have a number of advantages over video cameras with video capture.

  • First there is no need for a video capture card. The camera image has a direct digital connection through the USB port. No capture card saves $200 to $500.
  • No Docking Station. Video cameras need a docking station at each chair where they are to be used. These stations usually include a light source, a power source and various video outputs. They are generally priced well over $1,000.
  • No Power Source. The USB connection supplies power from the computer directly to the camera and lights, there is no need for an additional plug and transformer.
  • No light source or fiber optics. Video cameras usually use a central light source in the docking station and the light is brought to the camera through fiber optics. This is an expensive and fragile system. USB cameras have built in LED lights in the hand piece that are powered through the USB connection.
  • They are very light and portable. The entire camera consists of a handpiece and a USB cord.

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