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High Tech Budget

The first essential element to developing a high tech office is the purchase and use of a good integrated practice management software like Dentrix, PracticeWorks or Eaglesoft. Most dentists recognize this and they sometimes think the only cost is the software.  However there are many costs associated with advanced technology besides the price of the software. These include hardware, networking, set up, training, future training, support, updates and accessories. It is a little like buying a home. There is an initial purchase price and then there are all the ongoing costs of cleaning, maintenance, repair and improvements. Anticipating these costs and planning for them will make your technology acquisition easier and it will pay off in greater value.

An average a dental office should plan to invest at least two percent of gross in technology on an annual basis. A better budget would be 5-7%, or even more for an aggressive high tech office. Sally McKenzie recommends 5%. If the office grosses $500,000 a 5-7% budget would be $25,000 to $35,000 every year.

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