by Larry Emmott on February 22, 2010

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I just saw a demo for a new photo management program called ImageCentrik. It is linked below.

ImageCentrik combines some powerful and unique editing tools with an easy to use software program that makes creating customized patient presentations absurdly easy.

For example there is a unique built in alignment editing tool which allows users to properly align a photo if there is a cant or tip to the image. It also makes cropping the image or altering color balance brightness and contrast quick and easy.

The next step is to create a presentation using one of the many pre-fab templates. These are unique as each one is designed to be used for different recipients. For example there is a template for a specialist, for the insurance company and for the patient. The words or narrative for each recipient are different. Think about it; when discussing possible treatment you use completely different wording for the patient than you would for a dental colleague and different again for the insurance carrier. All that is built in.

 I was also impressed with the blend of built in pre-fab components on one hand and the ability to customize things on the other.  For those dentists that want an easy to use out of the box program that automatically creates professional looking presentations ImageCentrik comes with all that built in. On the other hand for those dentists who want to use their own language and create presentations that utilize logos, colors and other practice branding ImageCentrik can do that as well.

Finally the program comes with a book to help you take good pictures, then use the software to display them. The book will also help you take the appropriate photos for different clinical situations or for different professional protocols.

Digital Dental Imaging Smile Library.

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