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Interesting Technology at the New York Meeting:MagnaVu

I have been a fan of MagnaVu for some time. Recently they added several little improvements that make it even better. I believe any dentist who is building or remodeling an office needs to take a look at this system. It replaces your lights, including fiber optics and headlamps, it takes the place of an intraoral camera and most importantly it allows you to do better dentistry.

The magnified image is actually better than most clinical microscopes and it is much easier to use. The assistant can see what the dentist is seeing and you can work in any area of the mouth in an upright relaxed and ergonomic position. The cart version shown here is just one configuration. The system can be mounted using any standard dental delivery including ceiling or wall mounts.

Improved Patient Care

MagnaVu’s tremendous magnification will allow you to see details possibly unseen before. Use the higher levels of magnification for inspection and quality control. Freeze images for patient education or record entire procedures onto a DVD recorder and hand them to the patient.

via Magnified Video Dentistry.

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