Intraoral Camera and Interoperability

Interoperability is the ability of different technologies from different manufacturers to work together.

imagin_homepage_slideshow-02UVC is a tech industry standard for use with streaming video devices like web cams, camcorders and most important for us intraoral video cameras. If a camera is UVC compliant it will plug and play with any standard computer both Windows and Mac. This is the essence of interoperability, using industry standards to allow systems from different vendors to work together.

In dentistry there is very little interoperability. Many vendors purposely prevent systems from working together in order to keep you in their closed garden. If a software vendor requires you to use their camera or will only save images by default to a proprietary file format (not a standard like .jpg) then they are attempting to keep you captive.

I believe we should reward vendors who use open systems with our business and complain to those who want to keep us captive. Vendors will not change unless the market compels them to.

With that in mind take a look at two UVC compatible cameras from Imagin Systems the Imagemaster and the more advanced Imagemaster HD

…the first intraoral camera to incorporate the UVC interface video specification (USB Video Class), which makes this intraoral camera the first camera that is totally “Plug & Play”. This camera requires no drivers, just plug it in and it works!

via Imagin Systems Catalog, Intraoral Cameras: Call Us! 650-596-1001 | IMAGEMASTER USB.

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