KODAK DX7590 Dental Digital Camera

by Larry Emmott on July 18, 2005

in Cameras

The newest digital camera from Kodak for the dental office. KODAK DX7590 Dental Digital Camera Frankly I have not been a fan of the Kodak dental camera packages. They worked but they seemed awkward and less sophisticated than the other options. This new version uses a unique light pipe to convert the built in flash to a ring flash. I haven’t tried this one yet but it is interesting

A new 5.0 Megapixel digital photography system from Kodak, the KODAK DX7590 Dental Digital Photography System, features the user-friendly design of previous Kodak cameras plus a customized, integrated ring flash and close-up lens system.
The KODAK Dental Flash & Close-up Lens provides even, shadow-free lighting for dental macro photography. Its world-class optics technology supports professional, accurate dental photographs, including single-tooth close-ups.

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