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I believe that Magnavu is one of the best kept secrets in dentistry. This is a remarkable product that should -in my opinion- be part of every new practice set up. It uses relatively simple technology, that is a digital video camera built into a dental light, to create a very high quality magnified picture of the mouth.

The MagnaVu consists of a high quality digital camera, precision optics, a bright LED light, a mounting system and a monitor to display what the camera is capturing. The camera optics allow for 23x optical zoom with additional digital zoom up to 46x. For comparison most dental loupes have between 2.5x and 4.5x magnification and chairside microscopes range up to 20x.

The camera images can be captured as either digital video or individual still images. These images can be used as you would use an intraoral camera to show things to patients or as an aid in diagnosis or for documentation.

The magnified image is displayed on the monitors, which are positioned so that the operator and assistant can view the treatment area while sitting in an ergonomic heads up position. No more neck and back strain as you bend down twisting to see that maxillary lingual surface. In fact the complete MagnaVu system includes a comfy chair with arm rests that accommodates the proper heads up and relaxed position.

For a lecturer, a dental training institute or a dental school a digital video procedure scope is essential. It allows you to easily demonstrate actual clinical procedures to a handful of students looking over your shoulder or to a room full of hundreds of dentists. The procedures can be recorded and archived for future training.

The manufacturers have just announced lower factory direct pricing with 60 month financing. Contact them at 877-556-6587

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