Making Sense of Digital SLR Sensor Formats – by ExtremeTech

by Larry Emmott on October 7, 2008

in Cameras

As digital SLRs gain in popularity, making sense of sensor formats becomes increasingly important. Right now, there are two main contenders, full frame and APS-size. “Full frame” refers to a sensor close to the same size as an actual 35mm film frame: 36mm x 24mm (3:2 aspect ratio). APS refers to the “Classic” frame size of the defunct APS film size, or 25.1mm x 16.7mm (still 3:2.)

Making Sense of Digital SLR Sensor Formats – 3D Graphics, Audio & HDTV by ExtremeTech.

For the camera buff who really wants to know the details of what makes a digital camera work.

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