Nikon Introduces Its Cheapest D-SLR Yet

News from PC Magazine:

Nikon Introduces Its Cheapest D-SLR Yet

By Terry Sullivan

As if this year’s D-SLR war wasn’t already intense enough, Nikon has again upped the ante with its latest low-end D-SLR, the D40. At 6.1 megapixels, it’s destined to replace the D50 as Nikon’s entry-level D-SLR for those looking to step up from a point-and-shoot digital camera, though the D50 will remain in the product line for now. But the real big news here is price: It’s going to list for $599.95 with a new Nikon 18-to-55-mm Nikkor zoom lens. Nikon says it hopes to have the units in stores by this December, making this a hot holiday product.

For good clinical photos an SLR camera is nice. However the basic camera above will need some accessories to be really useful. Intraoral images are best with a 100mm zoom lens. These lenses sell for $400 to $600. Also a digital ring flash will give even full light. Ring flashes also retail for $400 to $600. The pop up flash that is built in will tend to produce shadows.a great source for these accessories is Photomed. Photomed also provides complete SLR dental packages with all the accessories starting at $2,100.

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