Prynt – Polaroid For The Smartphone Age

Prynt-CasePrynt is a case that incorporates a little inkless photo printer and connects to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone, thanks to a modular system that lets you swap out connectors. Pick a shot from your camera roll, or shoot it with the Prynt app, and you can instantly print out a two-by-three inch photo. Up to 10 pieces of paper fit in the case, which has a battery designed to let you print out 20 prints, each in about 30 seconds.

via Prynt Wants To Be A Polaroid For The Smartphone Age | Popular Science.

This seems like a very cool idea. It may have dental application creating before and after pics for patients. On the other hand I believe we are all getting very comfortable viewing and sharing digital photos and the need for a print is a vestige of the past.

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