Seeing is…

Most people are highly visual. After all, seeing is…and a picture is worth…We all know the rest of these famous sayings. That means the simplest and most effective tool is to add a picture to the case presentation. The most powerful education tool a dentist can use is a camera. Of course cameras aren’t new but new digital technology allows us to use them much more effectively than in the past.

There are essentially two ways to acquire a digital image in the dental office. The most direct is to capture the image from an intraoral camera. Early camera models provided an analog (non digital) video image, which needed to be converted to a digital image with a video capture card. The latest generation of intraoral cameras creates a digital image directly and connects to the computer through a USB connection.

The second method of acquisition is to use a digital camera. The easiest way to start using a digital camera in the dental office is to get a dental camera kit from one of the camera specialists such as PhotoMed, Norman Camera or Lester Dyne. These kits include everything you need; lenses, adaptors, flash elements, batteries, cards readers, basic software and most importantly instructions.