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Shade ARM (Accurate Reliable Measurement) The New Shade ARM (Accurate Reliable Measurement) provides precision, consistency and predictability in taking digital dental images for shade determination. By holding the shade tabs constant, the distance, angle, position and lighting of your digital dental pictures is locked in. Precision consistency and predictability in taking a tooth shade it just a click away with the new Universal Shade ARM.

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The number one reason for remakes is poor shade matching. Shade ARM provides both a consistent target to determine shades and software to analyse them.

It is foolish that most dentist are still holding up what amounts to a paint chip when any home depot in the land has a digital shade analyzer that can determine a paint shade with far more accuracy than eyeballing a chip. To be fair teeth are not one color but a subtle blend of colors, shades and translucency. That is why the software is so important. Getting the basic color is a good start but creating a tooth that actually looks like a tooth and matches the one next to it is a much more difficult task.

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