Smile Lite MDP

The back of Smile Lite MDP is equipped with a universal adaptor that is adjustable for any model of smartphone having a width between 55-85mm.Smile Lite MDP is a plug and play device that is very easy to use and that doesn’t need any special App, calibration process or specific education. It will allow you to drastically improve your results with the camera of your smartphone… very easily.

Source: Smile Lite MDP | Smile Line

A new product introduced in Europe that turns your phone into a clinical extraoral camera. I love this idea, however;  Caution. If you use your smartphone as a patient camera be sure you do not have cloud storage turned on. If you do that means your patient photos are automatically stored on iCloud and Apple becomes a Business Associate responsible for the safe keeping of PHI (Protected Health Information). When Apple is hacked (again) you will have a reportable data breach.

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