Start taking pictures again

Our simplest intra-oral camera ever!! featuring a Dine modified small format digital camera.

The camera weighs under a pound and fits into the palm of almost any hand. The camera is capable of accomplishing the full range of dental photography with ease from the 1:1 extreme close-up of a posterior quadrant to anterior, lateral, and all mirror photos including occlusals and linguals.

Source: Dine Digital Solution |

Digital photos are so easy to take and so valuable they should be a standard part of every new patient exam.

Photos are invaluable if you ever need to defend yourself in court.

Photos are great for charting. With a good set of intraoral digital photos and x-rays you can do much of the charting at your desk. You no longer need to be chairside with the assistant calling out findings while she scribbles things down on paper. This is especially true with existing restorations, broken teeth and other conditions. You can also make a treatment plan from the digital photos and x-rays.

It is possible to take patient photos with a smart phone however you need an attachment to provide a flash and depth of field for good intraoral photos. Plus you need to disable the cloud storage feature of your phone in order to protect patient privacy per HIPAA.

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