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The Third Eye

I missed this at the ADA but heard about it from Lorne Lavine. It is an interesting idea, The web site is linked below. I don’t find the web site very impressive I hope the product is better than the site.Thyirdeye

ThirdEye – a unique dental camera !
Intra oral cameras there are plenty on the market. They are useful for documentation of findings and for patient education and patient motivation.
But, what if you want to document a whole treatment with audio ? Extensive prosthodontic, orthodontic or surgical treatments, patients´ educations or to proof valid evidence in possible cases of recourse. What if you want to to demonstrate your skills to your audience in live transmissions during educational courses
Intra oral cameras are not suited for shooting and recording complete examinations, prophylaxis sessions, or whole treatments. Though being video cameras intra oral cameras are only suitable to grab still images.
Believe us, today there are better ways to take still images than with video cameras


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