Thinking of a Digital Camersa?

by Larry Emmott on July 14, 2007

in Cameras

Digital cameras have evolved to the point that they should be used in dentistry in place of traditional 35mm film cameras. They can be used for documentation, imaging, teaching, marketing and just about anything else you could think to use a camera for. And they will do it faster, more effectively and usually easier than a traditional camera. The only problem is that digital cameras are everywhere. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. How do you choose a camera for use in the dental office?

To effectively use digital photography in the dental office the dentist will not only need the proper camera but he/she will need lens adaptors, a remote ring flash or diffuser, memory media, a media reader, batteries, possibly a battery charger and most importantly instructions. Finding the right camera and putting all the accessories together can be an expensive time consuming process. Most dentists should consider a kit from Photo-Med, Norman Camera.

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