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Top 5 Best Photo Printers

A nice overview of photo printers from PC Magazine.

The first thing you should understand is that photo printers fall into two categories: dedicated also known as small-format and near-dedicated photo printers. Dedicated photo printers can print nothing but photos. They are typically limited to a maximum paper size of 2-by-3, 4-by-6, or 5-by-7 inches or panoramic variations on these sizes, but the category isnt defined just by its limits.

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Not all dentists need good quality photo prints. For many things like insurance documentation or basic treatment presentations good color ink-jet prints are quite adequate. In fact increasingly we are just using digital images either on the screen or as an attachment.

Never the less if you are presenting and delivering high quality cosmetic cases a good photo quality print can be valuable. Prints can be used to show possible results prior to treatment using imaging software. Or they can be used after treatment for before and after portraits.

Many dentists have built a succesful cosmetic practice based on effective use of photography. Providing high quality photo prints is part of that and conveys an image of quality and competence.

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