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 Recent studies show that online video is becoming an effective way for dentists to market their practices. In December of 2008, Comscore found that YouTube was the second largest search site online, representing more than 26% of all Google searches. Based on the research: Can a business really afford to not use online video marketing when 1/4th of all Google searches are looking for video content?
Another recent study by eMarketing indicates that 57.4% of the United States population will be viewing online videos in 2009. That means that online video is a highly effective, business-boosting tool for dental practices. As such social media gains increased leverage in the marketplace, offering dentists innovative ways to drive new business, increase their web presence, and market their practice more effectively.
“Online video is quickly becoming a necessity,” says Smile Reminder President and CEO Jim Higgins. “Practices can’t rely solely on text-based search queries in order to be found online. You can’t replace the impact that video testimonials have on a person finding and ultimately choosing a healthcare provider.”

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