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I will be forever grateful

I have chosen 2022 to retire from the speaking business. I will miss the many fantastic people I have worked with over the past thirty plus years speaking, consulting and writing on digital technology for the dental profession. It has been a wonderful and exciting career and I will be forever grateful for the privilege. I have been blessed.

Rest assured all is well, I am healthy and looking forward to new challenges.

The future is coming and it will be amazing!

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I will be presenting to the Ark-La-Tex dental society in Shreveport La on September 10. Topics will include Teledentistry and the fallout from the Covid pandemic.

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The Patient First Manifesto: The New Way To Build The Practice Of Your Dreams

A must-read for anyone that cares for (and about) patients, this book describes the rules to building a successful practice that have fundamentally changed. While caregivers have maintained our vigilant focus on delivering high quality care, the world around us has transformed. The sea change of convenience and immediacy that has overtaken our lives has also led to a tremendous gap between what professionals and patients believe to be quality care. This has propagated the tragic environment where almost everyone hates going to the dentist.

By Dr. Bryan Laskin

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81% of Americans working from home miss in-person meetings and conventions

From Hotel Business:

A new survey by APCO Insight affirms that Americans working from home are eager to return to in-person meetings and conventions. The survey finds that even after adapting to the new digital workplace, 81% of professionals who attended in-person meetings and conventions before the pandemic miss doing so and would be just as likely—if not more likely—to attend in-person conferences, conventions, trade shows and other business events in the future.

Source: 81% of Americans working from home miss in-person meetings and conventions | Hotel Business

Zoom and the like has been amazing during the pandemic but there is still something about a live meeting and the serendipity of seeing things and meeting people unexpectedly that makes in person meetings special.

My speaking business has essentially disappeared in the last year. I am looking forward to getting back out and seeing people and visiting new places.

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Dealing with 2020

Take life with a grain of salt…  Plus a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila.

Dental Speaker Just for Fun


  • Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again.
  • Complex problems have simple, easy to understand wrong answers.
  • Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.
  • Alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.
  • Most people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them.
  • Forgive your enemies, but remember their names.
  • The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action.
  • Don’t worry that the world ends today; its already tomorrow in Australia!
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Hinman Dental Society March 19-21

I will be presenting sessions on Google Juice, Digital Workflow and Data Security.

The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting is an annual tradition, providing dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians and dental office staff with the latest and most comprehensive continuing education in dentistry today. Our meeting is known for its Southern Hospitality, extraordinary educational programs, impressive roster of speakers, unsurpassed social events and all-inclusive technical exhibition.

Source: The Hinman Dental Society

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Janice Hurley at AADP March 5

One of the BEST Meetings in Dentistry.

I will be hosting a panel on Cyber Security at the AADP Meeting. One of our panelists will be Janice Hurley, her topic:

Your Social Media Footprint Matters

Answer these three critical questions before you post ANYTHING on social media and you’ll be delighted with the results. Confidently know you’re contributing in a positive manner to your brand and you’ll never doubt your postings


Janice Hurley is Dentistry’s Image Expert on personal presence and professional success.Attendees to her courses have described her as profoundly articulate, gracefully charismatic and powerfully entertaining. She has been honored for more than ten years as one of the top speakers in dentistry by Dentistry Today.

Ms. Hurley is an international speaker, author and dental practice management coach. Her expertise lies in personal and professional branding. Janice’s clients value her insight on how their marketing, image and patient interactions contribute to their success. Results are higher treatment acceptance and patients who better value their dental health. Janice’s enthusiasm and practice management pearls have resulted in attendees leaving informed, inspired and reenergized to make a difference.

Janice earned her degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco. She is the recipient of the 2019 Spirit of Speaking Consulting Network Award and recently AADOM’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Janice is the author of the newly published book, Dental Image Branding. She is also a contributing author to dental hygiene training books, a featured speaker at Midwestern University – School of Dental Medicine and requested contributor to dentistry’s major publications.

Source: Top Speaker Dentistry Programs, Dental Consultant, Janice Hurley

See you in Orlando March 4-7, 2020

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Why the ‘list’ is becoming the hacker’s new weapon

AADP Cyber Security Panel

Debi Carr will be participating in a Cyber Security panel that I am moderating at the AADP meeting in Orlando March 5, 2020. Following is one of her articles from Dr. Bicuspid.

Recently, several companies were attacked and did not pay the ransom for various reasons. They thought they were in the clear. However, the hackers created a website with a “list” of all the companies that failed to pay. The list also contained several files from Microsoft Office, including Word files and PDF files. This makes the incident a “data breach.”

Debi offers four steps to protect yourself and your patients. Click the link for the whole article.

Disaster plan

Risk analysis


Best practices

Source: Why the ‘list’ is becoming the hacker’s new weapon

See you in Orlando.

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AADPA Annual Meeting March 4-7 2020

Source: AADPA | Annual Meeting | Dental Meeting | Dental Conference | AADP

One of the best meetings in dentistry.

This organization has had a powerful positive effect on my life. Both personally and professionally.

I will be moderating a panel on Cyber Security with Debi Carr, Janice Hurley and James McQuiggam.

Mark your calendars and register today.

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Janice Hurley AADP Preview

In this digital era, providing excellent clinical care isn’t the only key to a successful dental practice; in fact, a significant part of a dentist’s success can be chalked up to the image the professional projects to patients and the community.

In this new podcast, Dr. Julie Kellogg talks with Janice Hurley, author of Dental Image Branding: How to Create Optimal Patient Impact. Hurley covers how image can affect a practice, including how team members’ social media accounts can reflect on their employer; successfully responding to negative (and positive!) online reviews; and personal image, including how the way we dress affects how we feel about ourselves and how others regard us.


AADP Skies Wide Open on March 4-7, 2020, in Orlando 

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AADP March 4-7

One of the best meetings in dentistry!

At AADP meetings, we want to include and honor the spouses or life partners of dentists — people who are intimately and intricately involved in the success of each dental practice and family. So this year at the annual AADP meeting, Skies Wide Open, March 4-7 in Orlando, there’s an extra special session just for them!

In this edition of the AADP podcast, Dr. Julie Kellogg and Karen Cortell Reisman, a communications specialist married to longtime AADP member Dr. Jim Reisman, preview “Professional Grace,” a panel discussion which will encompass the roles and challenges of being a partner or spouse of a dentist. Audience members are welcome to listen, laugh and share. “It’s not about credit or blame, it’s not about whose life it is; it’s about working together to make a good situation even better, both personally and professionally,” Karen says.


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What an honor to be chosen as a Dental Leader

Dental Speaker

Southwest Dental Conference

I will be presenting two sessions in Dallas Thursday October 10

Source: Southwest Dental Conference

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Speaking in Halifax on Saturday

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What Will You Never Do Again?


We tend to ask ourselves, what new thing will technology allow me to do today that I couldn’t do yesterday?

As natural and as exciting as that question is, it can be a much more meaningful example of the impact of technology to ask yourself what will I never do again?…

The point of this is that when you are looking to the future, planning for your practice and trying to determine your best course of action, do not try and guess the next new thing. There are far too many new things coming and far too many variables for your guesses to be accurate.

On the other hand, if you see what has already taken hold and examine how it is being used, you may be able to see what you will never do again. Google vs. Yellow Pages change is a good example. Based on the realization that you will never look up a business in the Yellow Pages again, you can easily decide to not spend money on a Yellow Pages ad and instead to invest in a web page.

This is a great way to plan for the future. Here are some dental office examples of things you might never do again based on developing technology.

  • I will never hold a radiograph up to the light again
  • I will never wait on hold again
  • I will never write a treatment note again
  • I will never change the chemicals in the developer again
  • I will never pack tissue again
  • I will never use the postage meter again
  • I (or my staff) will never hand a clipboard to a patient again
  • I will never spend the morning looking for a lost chart again
  • I will never pour a plaster model again
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Demo Video for Meeting Planners

Here is a five minute demo for meeting planners looking for a high tech dental speaker.

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The BIGGEST Barrier to going High Tech

Implementing new technology involves more than buying and installing a product – it also requires change. People resist change for a variety of reasons and overcoming that resistance, from both doctors and staff, is often more of a challenge than actually using the technology.

Source: Dental Technology Courses | Internet Presence | Paperless Records | Digital Radiography | Lawrence F. Emmott, DDS | Emmott On Technology

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Midwest Dental Conference March 21-24

I will be presenting two sessions on March 23. Digital Workflow and Google Juice

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AADP Starts Today!

One of the BEST meetings in dentistry!

I am moderating a panel on Internet marketing and social media.