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Latest Updates to CS ScanFlow Helps Makes Scanning Faster, More Secure and Sharable

Software update from Carestream:

Typically, shiny or reflective surfaces, such as metal, full ceramic brackets and crowns and resins, would need to be sprayed with powder or microetched so as not to interfere with the digital scan. However, the new anti-reflective mode optimizes scanning shiny or reflective surfaces, eliminating a step in the process,…

…security is a concern whenever working with digital files, so CS ScanFlow v1.0.3 includes access to secure digital impression file conversion tools via cloud-based Microsoft Azure.

Follow this link for the full press release.

Source: Latest Updates to CS ScanFlow Helps Makes Scanning Faster, More Secure and Sharable

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Carestream Dental Validates SprintRay Pro Printer, Makes it Easier for Practices to Offer Clear Aligners

Now, more doctors can confidently add in-house clear aligners as a treatment option for their patients with the validation of the SprintRay Pro printer for use with Carestream Dental’s newest update to its modeling software, CS Model+ v5.

Source: PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Validates SprintRay Pro Printer, Makes it Easier for Practices to Offer Clear Aligners

I like this for two reasons. Carestream is moving toward interoperability by adding more 3D printer options that will work with their scanners and software. Plus I believe 3D printing will be the future of dental fabrication and this is another nice step in that direction.

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An In Vitro Study Comparing Five Intraoral Scanners

A study looking into the accuracy of digital scanning devices. Primescan and CS3700 were the most accurate.

A careful statistical analysis was performed. Results. PRIMESCAN® showed the highest congruence between SB MEs and LF, with the lowest mean absolute deviation (25.5 ± 5.0 μm), immediately followed by CS 3700® (27.0 ± 4.3 μm); the difference between them was not significant (p = 0.1235).

Source: JCM | Free Full-Text | Congruence between Meshes and Library Files of Implant Scanbodies: An In Vitro Study Comparing Five Intraoral Scanners | HTML

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Digital dentistry: The new state of the art — Is it disruptive or destructive?

From  ScienceDirect: Following is the summary of this scientific article by E. Dianne Rekow, King’s College, London.

Digital innovations have unquestionably disrupted dentistry. With these innovations, patient experience has improved. More restoration options are available delivering longer lifetimes, and better esthetics. Fresh approaches are bringing greater efficiency and accuracy, capitalizing on the interest, capabilities, and skills of those involved. New ways for effective and efficient interprofessional and clinician-patient interactions have evolved. Data can be more efficiently mined for forensic and epidemiological uses. Students have fresh ways of learning. New, often unexpected, partnerships have formed bringing further disruption — and novel advantages.

Is digital dentistry disruptive? Absolutely. Is it destructive? Absolutely not!

Source: Digital dentistry: The new state of the art — Is it disruptive or destructive? – ScienceDirect

I have been saying the same thing for many years. It is nice to see some research backing me up.

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Digital Workflow Experience takes dentists through ‘office of now’

From ADA News:

Dentists can experience firsthand how to integrate digital technology into their practices as part of the Digital Workflow Experience at the ADA FDI World Dental Congress this September in San Francisco.

Source: Digital Workflow Experience takes dentists through ‘office of now’

I was intrigued by the title “Digital Workflow Experience” as that has become a major interest of mine. However the FDI exhibit is focused on clinical procedures such as digital impressions. That is fine however I see digital workflow as more a function of the business side of the office.

Nevertheless if you are going to FDI in September check it out.

Digital Impressions

Who uses film anymore?

A digital Impression is to a traditional impression

As a digital photo is to film.

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Dental Student Dilemmas

Do you teach for the present or for the future?

I spent a facinating day at the ADEA Dean’s Conference in La Jolla. Dental schools are very interested in using new digital technology and applying it to teaching methods. However at the same time they need to teach dental students how to function in the real world where the majority of dental offices do not have digital impressions or electronic records.

At some schools students are prepping  typodont teeth immediately as first year students, scanning the prep to create a digital impression which is evaluated against an ideal prep by a robot (AI) instructor. The feedback is immediate, it is objective (no human is telling the student they did it wrong) and the student can try again immediately with another typodont tooth.

The result is gameification. That is making a perfect prep becomes like a level on a video game. If the student fails, oh well he/she has plenty of other lives, just try again.

Students also learn to use 3D manipulation software with simulated teeth, placing virtual implants, aquilibrating teeth with virtual articulators and designing virtual restorations as part of their pre-clinical training so that when they actually prep a real tooth they can scan it and create a restoration immediately.

Very impressive.

Still other schools are using digital technology to break away from the traditional teaching methods of books and lectures.

We all know that knowledge is changing so fast that any traditionally printed textbook is out of date by the time it is published. The alternative is to provide bite size chunks of information that students can access any time, any where. The instructors can track each students progress. Students can display competency at any time by simply taking the tests that accompany each module. And the information in each learning module can be updated instantly for all students if needed. No wait for a new text book to be published some time next year.

The challenge here is accreditation and competency. If a wiz kid student can finish all the modules and prove his/her competency in three years can they graduate? So far no. Administration and accreditation agencies are cautious and have yet to sign off completely on these new methods. However change is in the air.

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Carestream CS 3600 “Hybrid Scan”

Digital impressions just keep getting better and better. Carestream just announced improvements in the acquisition software used with their CS 3600 scanner.

These improvements include “hybrid” scans which allow dentists to merge live scans from the mouth with the scan of an impression into a single file. The new software also for multiple bite registrations. This will be especially useful for dentists making sleep apnea devices.

I predict we will see continued improvement focused on the software. Which is great for dentists. A software upgrade is a lot less expensive than buying a whole new system.

The complete press release from Carestream is below.

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No Remakes

FYI: We have been using a 3 Shape Trios to take full mouth impressions for SomnoDent sleep appliances since August. We have delivered well over 100 appliances with zero remakes. In fact we have had zero adjustments. The digital impressions are remarkably reliable and of course the patients love them compared to the standard six minutes of gagging they are used to.

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SomnoDent and Digital High Tech

A SomnoDent sleep apnea oral appliance is a premium, custom-fitted dental device developed for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It is an effective, comfortable, and durable alternative to CPAP therapy or corrective surgery.

Source: Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance – SomnoMed

Sleep therapy lends itself well to digital technology. We are using the following for our sleep patients:

  • i-Cat CBCT for a general dental evaluation and measurement of the airway.
  • 3 shape TRIOS scanner and software to take a full upper and lower impression as well as a digital bite.
  • Telemedicine for the medical consult needed for a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • SleepMed ARES home sleep test, remarkable technology that tests the patient for OSA at home rather than at an expensive sleep clinic.

The technology is amazing and works well. The SomnoDent device is simple and effective.

The most challenging part of the process by far is the paperwork and dealing with medical insurance.

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Global 3D Dental Scanners Market 2017-2021 – Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.24%

The global 3D dental scanners market to grow at a CAGR of 10.24% during the period 2017-2021…

According to the report, one of the major drivers for this market is Increasing affordability among people. The rapidly dropping prices of dental scanners as well as increasing availability of low-cost quality dental scanners is enabling dentists to adopt these products at a faster rate. Also, the added benefit of decreasing time consumption for one patient’s diagnosis and treatment, broadens their spectrum of reach to more patients, thus increasing their profit.

Source: Global 3D Dental Scanners Market 2017-2021 – Market to Grow at a CAGR of 10.24%

Lower prices will be good. Even better will be interoperable systems so that a dentist can buy a device and use it with any lab or mill.

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Registration is Now Open for Carestream Dental’s 2017 Global Oral Health Summit

Oral health professionals of all specialties are invited to take their practice to the next level at the 2017 Global Oral Health Summit. This is a two-day immersive learning experience designed for professionals looking to enhance their workflow by either learning more about the software and equipment they already have or by introducing new technology to their practice.

Source:  Registration is Now Open for Carestream Dental’s 2017 Global Oral Health Summit – Carestream Dental Media Room

Info and Registration

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Carestream Scanner OK for Ortho (Updated)

Carestream Dental announced that its CS 3600 intraoral scanner has been approved for use with 3M’s Incognito appliance system for orthodontic treatment.

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