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Keys to Effective Social Media for Dentists

Another good article from my friends at TNT Dental.

The heart of social media is what dentists did years ago, long before dental marketing and social media. … years ago, dentists relied on networking and community outreach/involvement to gain patients.

Source: Keys to Effective Social Media for Dentists: The Fundamentals | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

A very important aspect of using social media is measuring success. Most of the time dentists do not do this. Tim Healy of TNT Dental makes the very good point that true success is new patients and added income not just activity. If 137 people “like” your post but no new patients or additional income results the post was not really a success.

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Reviews, Payments, and Patient Messaging Software for Dentists

“Not only do we get quality leads, but it doesn’t take our staff time on the phone to get the appointment scheduled.”

Source: Reviews, Payments, and Patient Messaging Software for Dentists | Podium

In 2021 monitoring your online presence and communicating with patients via text is not an option it is a business necessity.

You could assign and train staff members to do all of this and then attempt to manage and evaluate how they are doing, or you can simply hire experts to do it for you. Outsourcing certain business processes has been trending for years. Now with improved technology and the Covid pandemic pushing people to more online activity e-services are becoming the preferred method of doing business. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which are better results at lower costs.

Podium is a service that provides dentists with a system to generate online reviews, see when reviews are posted, communicate instantly via text, send electronic statements and more. The system can be embedded in an existing web page and integrates with the major practice management systems including Dentrix.

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RevenueWell acquires PBHS , expands dental marketing services


PBHS announced March 31 it was acquired by RevenueWell, a provider of marketing and communication software specifically designed to meet the needs of dental practices.

Current and future customers of both companies will now have access to a unified platform that combines their dental marketing and communications technology,

Source: PBHS acquires RevenueWell, expands dental marketing services

In the past Revenue Well has primarily paired with Eaglesoft.


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Can your website do this?

From a Sesame Communications promotion:

Online Appointment Booking: New and existing patients can quickly book appointments on your website that sync with your Dentrix PMS
Virtual Waiting Room + Tap-to-Text: Deliver a safe and effective virtual waiting room experience for patients and staff
• Custom Design, Branding & Copywriting: Help your practice’s website stand out from competitors
Virtual Consultation: Provide a basic, free consultation, before the first in-person visit with a prospective patient occurs
SSL Certificate: Secure communication between your practice’s website and your patient’s internet browser
Responsive Design: Your website will provide a great user experience across all device types including desktop, mobile, and tablet
Live Backgrounds: Immediately capture the attention of visitors to your site with a beautiful, moving, site background

Your practice web site should not be a once in a lifetime experience just for new patients. A good dental website includes support for existing patients. In addition to the appointment booking and tap to text features shown above your website should also allow patients to fill out interactive forms (not just a pdf) check the time of future appointments and pay their bill.

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Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients

Exclusive research from my friends at TNT Dental. They surveyed over three thousand dental patients to determine what patients are really looking for on a dental practice web page and what features compel them to actually call and make an appointment. Sadly many (perhaps most) web developers just plug you into a template that appeals to the developer with little or no consideration for what actually works with patients.

Take a few minutes to understand how patients think about each of the 5 factors outlined below. Then, visit your website with 2 questions in mind:

Is it quick and easy to find these 5 pieces of information?

How about when you look on a mobile phone?

If the answer is Yes for 4 or 5 of the factors, congratulations! Your website is most likely ready for 2021 and beyond.

Source: Exclusive Research: Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

The five critical pieces:

  • Safety
  • Insurance
  • Fees
  • Training
  • Clean and modern

Follow the link for details. BTW the fifth factor – modern – will be obvious if you are using high tech digital systems. Which office is more modern the one with a clipboard or the one with online forms? The one with PVS impressions or the one with CAD CAM? The one you need to mail a check to or the one with online bill pay?

You can use the linked article to evaluate your current website or TNT will do a free evaluation for you.

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How to Implement Pay-Per-Click the Right Way

To illustrate the importance of pay-per-click, PPC visitors are 50 percent more likely to purchase a product than organic visitors, according to data from Unbounce. And 41 percent of clicks go towards the first three ad positions.

Source: How to Implement Pay-Per-Click the Right Way

Two take aways from the linked article. The average cost of a PPC click in healthcare is $2.62. You will be best served by a specialist in your market. Check with my friends at TNT Dental for some specific dental marketing expertise.

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How customer reviews can help your SEO

From GoDaddy Blog:

Customer reviews drive buying decisions. In fact, nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, and 72%of people won’t take action until they read reviews about a business.

Those shiny little stars are mission-critical to your business success,

Source: How customer reviews can help your SEO – GoDaddy Blog

The linked article starts with a story of a small business owner who was reluctant to ask for customer reviews and how that reluctance ended up costing her a great deal of business. She could easily have been a dentist.

Customers, including potential new dental patients read user reviews and make buying decisions based on those reviews.

The best way to get more reviews is to ask for them.

Read the whole article it includes a number of helpful techniques including a custom review landing page.

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Cheat Sheet: Social Media Image Sizes

From my friends at Sesame Communications. This is a great help.

Source: Cheat Sheet: Social Media Image Sizes – Dental Marketing & Practice Management | Sesame Communications

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Exclusive Research: Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients

From my friends at TNT Dental:

Due to the amazing work of TNT’s Market Research Team during the pandemic, we can use the results of an exclusive survey of 3,735 patients across the United States to provide an objective, 5-step guide to answering this question (Do I need a new website?). Now, we can make the decision of whether or not you need a new website based on actual insights from real patients.

After all, the first (and most important) job of your website is to convert the people visiting it into patients. Conversion is the key to effective websites, and it is dramatically improved when you actually provide the information new patients want.

Specifically, there are 5 factors deemed Very Important or Critical by more than 70% of our survey participants. Of the 17 factors evaluated, these 5 are what moves the needle. This is the information that should be front and center on the homepage of your website (most visitors only evaluate the homepage before calling or emailing your practice).

Source: Exclusive Research: Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

The linked article lists the five factors that patients told the researchers were most important. You can use the article to do a DIY evaluation of your practice web site or ask the pros at TNT to do a free evaluation for you.

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How to get more Google customer reviews

From GoDaddy Blog:

Online customer reviews have emerged as one of the most important digital marketing tools, especially for small businesses that want to compete with much larger corporations. The best part is, your company does not have to do much of the work except encourage customers to leave their favorable impressions about your business on one or more of the leading customer review sites.

If you still aren’t convinced that online customer reviews matter for promoting your products and services, let’s look at a few statistics to seal the case for receiving online customer reviews.

  • More than 95 percent of consumers read at least one customer review for a local business.
  • Around 90 percent of consumers use online reviews to make buying decisions.97% of consumers read the responses businesses leave to customer reviews.
  • The minimum star rating on a scale of one to five a typical consumer accepts for a business is 3.3.
  • 67% of consumers leave a review after asked to by a business.

Source: How to get more Google customer reviews – GoDaddy Blog

Click through for a very good outline of why you want and how to get Google reviews. Just as importantly the authors give examples of what NOT to do. For example do not try and shame or argue with negative reviewers and do not try and buy positive reviews. Google hates that.

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Small Business Marketing Ideas That Can Make A Difference Today

It’s always the small businesses that used to suffer at the wrath of giant corporations that remained market leaders, primarily because of fewer resources and funds. Luckily, times have changed and with the right small business marketing ideas, small business owners can stay competitive.

There are so many corporations that started out small but gained success within a decade due to their creativity – but also because technology enabled them to.

The digital world isn’t as costly as traditional marketing used to be, which means that anyone can start up a business with just an idea.

Source: Small Business Marketing Ideas That Can Make A Difference Today

An interesting overview of digital marketing ideas. This is a general small business site NOT a dental site.

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“Is it safe?” enviraSAFE

“Is it safe?”

Reliably Validate the Effectiveness of your Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures for You, Your Customers, and Your Employees

Source: Data Analysis to Validate and Improve Disinfection and Infection Prevention – enviraSAFE

Your patients are ready to come back following the pandemic lock down, but they want to be sure that it is safe to do so. Now you can reassure your patients as well as yourself and your team with a new service called Envirasafe.

Envirasafe uses up to the minute practices to evaluate the air, the water, and the surfaces in your dental office for pathogens. If all is well, you will be certified as environmentally safe. You can reassure your patients that an independent third party has tested your office and it is safe for them to have their dental work completed.

Your team will also appreciate knowing that the environment is safe.

It may be even more important to know if you do not pass. If your asepsis procedures are not doing the job you want to know so that you can fix whatever needs fixing.

Remember the classic line from the old movie “Marathon Man”? The evil dentist is torturing the hero Dustin Hoffman while asking in a quiet sinister voice “Is it safe?” Part of the horror of the scene is that Dustin Hoffman has no idea what he is talking about and cannot possibly answer. Now your patients are asking “Is it safe?” With Envirasafe you can give them an answer.

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Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)

From  AIM Dental Marketing:

Following nearly five years of testing and development,AIM Dental Marketing‘s Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD)is now available to solo and group practice owners, dental support organizations, and dental consultants…

…The motivation behind DMD is to address a persistent challenge faced by dentist and practice consultant alike; how to easily and simply, and in real time, identify and monitor their (or their client’s) dental marketing results.

Source: Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) | AIM Dental Marketing

I like this a lot.

In theory digital marketing provides immediate real time analysis of results. Rather than guessing how many people may have looked at and read a print ad in a magazine or newspaper a digital ad give immediate feedback as to who has viewed it and better yet who has clicked and taken action. Digital marketing makes the marketers accountable and gives the people paying for the ads real data and ROI information.

Unfortunately most dentists do not get this kind of information from the people selling them marketing.

The dashboard is included for customers of AIM however it is also available for a fee to any dentist who wants a quick and easy way to see if his/her marketing is effective.

Click HERE to see an real time example of the Dental Marketing Dashboard.

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COVID-19 Resources for Dental Offices

Another resource for dentists dealing with the pandemic shut down and re-opening from Golden Proportions Marketing:

Use these COVID-19 resources to help your dental office navigate the uncertainty surrounding the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation.

Source: COVID-19 Resources for Dental Offices – Dental Marketing – Golden Proportions Marketing

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Social Media Campaign

Source: DTA-Lanmark360-Image2.jpg (9832×5657)

The Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) in collaboration with Lanmark360 have developed a lively and compelling social media-based campaign that dentists and their staff can use to stay in contact with patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign features five 20-second animated videos, available at which convey timely oral health and wellness messages for patients who have not been able to see their dentist due to the quarantine.

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‘Dental Cupid’ Makes Pandemic-Era Matches Between Emergency Patients And Dentists

So Abdul and his team set to work, and in three days and three all-nighters, they created an online directory of dentists who provide emergency care, including where they’re located, their specialities, and whether they accept Medicaid and other forms of insurance.”

If you believe you have a dental emergency and have not been able to reach your dentist or do not have a dentist, we may be able to assist you in those circumstances,”

Source: ‘Dental Cupid’ Makes Pandemic-Era Matches Between Emergency Patients And Dentists | CommonHealth

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Guide for Making High Quality Smart Phone Videos

From my friends at TNT Dental. Video can be a powerful tool. Unfortunately many DIY dental videos I see are just bad. These tips are simple and will help you avoid most amateur mistakes.

TNT recommends you make a short (30 second) video for patients to view before the first visit returning from the pandemic shutdown. You can put this video on your web page, social media accounts or send it as an e-blast.

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Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users

From VICE:

Facebook representatives approached controversial surveillance vendor NSO Group to try and buy a tool that could help Facebook better monitor a subset of its users, according to an extraordinary court filing from NSO in an ongoing lawsuit.

Source: Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users, NSO CEO Claims – VICE

Click for the whole thing. It is a bit in the weeds but the bottom line is that once again Facebook seems to be going to extraordinary lengths to gather data (spy) on us. I wish I trusted them more.

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Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO

From  Sesame Communications:

First and foremost, ensure that your Google My Business profile is claimed and verified. The verification process tells Google that you are a legitimate business at the correct location(s). Next, make sure that your core business information is correct. Have you changed hours recently or changed office locations? Double-check that this information is current. If Google can’t connect an address that is listed on your website with the one on your Google My Business profile, they will penalize you when it comes to organic search rankings.

Source: Your Google My Business Profile Can be Great for SEO – Dental Marketing & Practice Management | Sesame Communications

I believe that your Google my Business profile is the single most important thing a dentist you can do to improve your online profile and get new patients in the office. The attached article gives a good overview but does not provide much in the way of how to. You can do it yourself and with the pandemic shutdown you have the time. No excuses.

On the other hand there are some complicating factors. For example you want a profile for both your practice name and your actual name. The vast majority of referrals are to the doctor not to the practice. People tell their friends you have to see Dr. Wright she is the best. They do not say you have to go to Elm Street Dental they are the best. Your web site developer should be able to help if needed. Sesame Communications can help as well as my friends at TNT Dental.

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Hinman Dental Society March 19-21

I will be presenting sessions on Google Juice, Digital Workflow and Data Security.

The Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting is an annual tradition, providing dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians and dental office staff with the latest and most comprehensive continuing education in dentistry today. Our meeting is known for its Southern Hospitality, extraordinary educational programs, impressive roster of speakers, unsurpassed social events and all-inclusive technical exhibition.

Source: The Hinman Dental Society