Dental Art

Dental Art


“Tooth Puller” This painting also called “Cavadenti” is generally attributed to Michelangelo Caravaggio an Italian Baroque painter from around 1600. Many art scholars do not believe he painted it, although it is certainly similar to his style.

What this painting does demonstrate is the typical scene we see with most early paintings of dentists. That is the treatment, almost always an extraction, is being done in public with a sizable group of people looking on. The artistic focus of the image is the patients face and his obvious distress.

Examples can be found here and here or on the dental art Pinterest page.

Dental art is anything that depicts teeth or dentistry in an interesting or artistic way. If you have any suggestions for future Dental Art pieces please send them to me or give me a link. Thanks.

All the Dental Art images can be found here on Pinterest.

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