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Dental Art More than Just Pictures of Teeth

smug-mugIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from June. This is something completely different with just a touch of high tech. How dentistry is portrayed in art.

Needless to say art is subjective, not easily defined and subject to changing times. However just to get started let’s agree that art is more than merely depiction. Art invokes emotion; it stirs thoughts and inner feelings that are deeper than the superficial look and feel of an object or person…

As a dentist, you know that the dental profession represents the noblest expression of the human spirit. Dentists spend years mastering a demanding profession in order to reduce suffering, enhance beauty and generally elevate the human condition. So naturally artists must depict dentists as kind, honorable and even heroic.

Yeah right, take a look:

via Emmott On Technology: Dental Art is More than Just Pictures of Teeth |

The article has links to traditional art pieces like painting and sculpture as well as more contemporary dental portrayals in TV and in the movies.

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