Dental Art

Eight Years of Dental Art

Eight years worth of weekly “Dental Art” images can be foundĀ here on Pinterest.

That is well over 400 images ranging from the beautiful to the bizarre. Some are silly and whimsical, some are real fine art, some are paintings from past centuries and some are even kinda’ sexy.

As a dentist, you know that the dental profession represents the noblest expression of the human spirit. Dentists spend years mastering a demanding profession in order to reduce suffering, enhance beauty and generally elevate the human condition. So naturally artists must depict dentists as kind, honorable and even heroic.

Yeah right, take a look. Sadly there is often a feeling of dread depicted in many dental art pieces.

Dental art is anything that depicts teeth or dentistry in an interesting or artistic way. If you have any suggestions for future Dental Art pieces please send them to me or give me a link. Thanks.