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Mumble Fumble

The article linked below was just published in Inscriptions.

Mumble Fumble…

The ability to stand up in front of a group of people and deliver a clear, interesting and persuasive talk is a tremendous asset that will help you to excel both personally and professionally.

It is certainly possible to be a dentist and never speak in front of a group. However there are two situations in which being an effective speaker would be a wonderful help to any dentist.

One is to speak for a community group on a dental related topic. This has two benefits, you will help improve the general dental health of the community by giving them important information and you will become known as the local authority and attract potential new patients. However that will only be the case if you are a good presenter, if you come across with clarity and sincerity. If you come across as dull and unprepared, if you fumble and mumble you might actually discourage people from becoming patients.

Source: Inscriptions—March 2016

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