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The Two Second Advantage

What I am reading now.

This book hits many of my areas of special interest. Neurophysiology, digital technology and even hockey. The basic premise is that our brains work by “chunking” vast amounts of data to create reliable predictive models. The better our models are the more effective even more intelligent we are. This has great significance when looking at “big data” and “artificial intelligence.”

The final chapters deal with the ways that big data and artificial intelligence will affect medical dental diagnosis and treatment. For example a device that tracks your saliva content and the chemicals in your breath could predict coming periodontal disease and recommend an appropriate treatment before the disease manifests clinically.

By the way, the author is quick to point out that artificial intelligence does not mean a computer that acts as a human brain. He gives many reasons that is not likely but there are many ways that a computer can act like it is intelligent in ways we can utilize. Evaluating symptoms and making a diagnosis is one of them.

You’ll have to read the book to get the hockey connection. 🙂

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