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3D Printing for Surgery

From NYT:

Before he operated on Violet, Dr. Meara wanted a more precise understanding of her bone structure than he could get from an image on a screen. So he asked his colleague Dr. Peter Weinstock to print him a three-dimensional model of Violet’s skull, based on magnetic resonance imaging pictures.

New York Times

This story is a dramatic example of the kinds of things we are doing in dentistry and the potential for even more amazing options in the future.

We are already sending CBCT scans off to labs for the fabrication of surgical guides. Imagine being able to create the guide in the office using a 3D printer while the patient waits.

Another device could mill a custom titanium implant and a custom abutment to be placed. There are even 3D printers that use cells to create actual tissue printed for a specific area.

The future is coming…you know the rest.

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