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The “Art” of 3D Smiles

More fun with 3D images, art and teeth; Related.

From the paintings of Vermeer, Raffael, Hopper, and Tischbein, 3D shape of faces was reconstructed by an automated fitting algorithm, based on a morphable model of 3D faces that captures individual differences between faces as well as facial expressions from dataset of 3D scans. After adding the teeth from an example scan, the faces are animated according to the facial expressions of the morphable model, and rendered back into the original images, using the perspective and illumination estimated by the fitting algorithm.

via Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik.

Of course I would have liked to see the most famous smile in art, Mona Lisa. What would she look like with a wicked grin?

Altering famous paintings is interesting however a more pragmatic use for this technology would be to pre-plan dental facial surgery and anticipate the changes in facial morphology and expressions.

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