3M True Definition Scanner

by Larry Emmott on October 22, 2012

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3M ESPE introduced a new digital scanner at the ADA meeting in San Francisco. It is called the 3M True Definition Scanner and takes the place of the Lava COS system. 3M claims it is more accurate and consistent than other systems.

Two great features: It is priced much lower than the other impression scanners on the market. Like about half price. Even better, in my opinion it produces an open file impression that can be imported directly to the E4D milling unit. This makes it both a lab impression device and a CAD CAM device. It is also the first device to be truly and easily interoperable and not strictly proprietary.

It does require powder and a monthly fee for cloud storage and support.

Digital Impressions 3M True Definition Scanner 3M ESPEĀ : 3M ESPE Dental Products US.

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