AI in Dental Diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence  seems like something you’d expect to find in a science fiction movie. However actual Artificial Intelligence or AI does not mean creating a synthetic human brain. Actual AI applications are common, and consist of simply using machines to automate tasks requiring intelligent behavior. Examples include control, scheduling, the ability to answer diagnostic or consumer questions, handwriting, speech and facial recognition.

High tech diagnostic software is an ideal example of an AI structure called an Expert System. An expert system can process large amounts of known information and provide conclusions based on them. Medical/Dental diagnosis is perfect for this type of system.

In the future the dentist could provide patient information to the computer including the patient’s demographics, stated symptoms, x-rays, photos digital study models and many other kinds of digital data we are just beginning to develop. The AI system might then ask for additional information, helping the dentist narrow the diagnosis. Finally the system would produce a current diagnosis, several possible treatment plans with risks and benefits and the likely prognosis. But that’s not all the system could then identify additional risks the patient faces, relate the patient’s dental condition to overall medical health and propose a course of preventive treatment.

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