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An App That Recognizes Dangerous Sounds

earFrom MIT:

The app, planned for release in March, will run in the background on an Android smartphone, detecting sounds like screeching tires and wailing sirens and alerting you to them by interrupting the music you’re listening to, for instance…

Audio Aware could do more than just be alert to dangers: it could monitor health conditions, workouts, or even locations by paying attention to the sounds you make and the noises around you…

via Startup One Llama has an App That Recognizes Dangerous Sounds | MIT Technology Review.

I see this being used by all those oblivious people walking down the street focused on their phone and not watching where they are going or what hazards are about to befall them. I suppose that is a good thing on the other hand I can’t help but feel they get what they deserve.

One of the factors that makes this app interesting is that it uses a system based on the workings of an actual human ear to distinguish between sounds. If it works the technology could also be used to monitor patients or keep an eye on the kids.

The system could send an immediate alert to your phone or tablet if the kids were getting into things they shouldn’t. On the other hand as every parent knows, real trouble is brewing when things are too quiet.

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