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Artificial Intelligence Better At Diagnosing Skin Cancer Than Dermatologists

From Study Finds:

…an artificial intelligence program trained to identify and diagnose skin cancer in humans proved to show greater accuracy when pitted against dermatologists.

Researchers from the U.S., Germany, and France used an AI system called the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to detect skin cancer by showing it more than 100,000 images of malignant melanomas and benign moles. They then compared the AI’s performance in successfully identifying them on human patients with the performance of 58 international dermatologists. They found that the CNN detected more melanomas and correctly identified more benign tumors than the dermatologists.

Source: Artificial Intelligence Better At Diagnosing Skin Cancer Than Dermatologists, Study Finds – Study Finds

Another remarkable demonstration of the future of AI diagnostics. Question?

Would you feel better or even OK if you knew your suspicious skin lesson was examined by a machine and not by a human? The study tells us the machine is better, but how do you feel about that? Once we overcome our reluctance to trust the machine imagine this:

Joanna notices an unusual discoloration on her left shoulder. Concerned she uses her smart phone to take a photo and immediately uploads it to a diagnostic AI in the cloud. Within minutes she receives a message that the lesion she noticed is nothing to worry about. The cost to Joanna is almost zero in both time and money.

Compare that to our current system in which Joanna would need to call the dermatologist -wait on hold- make an appointment in a few weeks. Then she would need to take time off work or find child care drive to the doctor’s office, park, wait to be seen then have the doctor examine her. Once she had been seen and assured there was nothing to worry about the dance of the insurance coverage would begin. An office visit and skin exam will be charged out at least at $200, How much Joanna will need to pay as a co-pay or deductible is anyone’s guess.

Digital technology has the potential to drastically lower costs and improve results. The “crisis” in American healthcare is not a crisis of care it is a crisis of affordability. High tech diagnostics will solve this crisis much more effectively than a centralized command and control system.