Best of Class – BioResearch

I have been working with Lou Shuman and The Pride Institute  creating a unique Technology Fair to showcase the leading technologies in a number of different dental categories. The first fair will be presented at the Greater New York Dental Meeting  (GNYDM) coming November 29 to December 2. I will be highlighting the featured technologies throughout the next month. If you are attending the GNYDM be sure to come by the Fair.

General Category: Diagnostic

Product:  Biometric Diagnostic Aids

Occlusal, muscle and TMJ measurement

BioRESEARCH provides a family of products including JVA, EMG, JT-3D, and others. These products use new technology to measure biological factors such as muscle activity, mandibular motion, TMJ vibration, and inter-occlusal force to facilitate the diagnosis of occlusal and TMJ issues. By creating accurate and predictable digital measurements these instruments take the guesswork out of occlusal analysis. In addition to their quality suite of products, BioRESEARCH offers the T-Scan which measures occlusal contacts like digital articulating paper. A significant breakthrough that only they provide to the dental community.

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