Bluetooth-Enabled Gadget Measures How Nasty Your Breath Is

BreathFrom Yahoo News:

The latest product from Breathometer — the company that brought us a clever Bluetooth breathalyzer in 2014 — functions as a wireless breath vacuum that gives you a real-time evaluation of your oral hygiene and hydration. It’ll also offer advice on how to improve them.

“Breath quality, it turns out, is something a lot of consumers aren’t aware of,” Breathometer CEO Charles Yim told Yahoo Tech. “It is very indicative of your overall body health. It helps you see the earlier signs in your oral cavity first. So when we say breath quality, it’s more than just bad breath.”

via This Bluetooth-Enabled Gadget Measures How Nasty Your Breath Is.

This story illustrates three trends that will impact the future of dentistry.

One, diagnosis will become more high tech using exact digital measurements not subjective observations.

Two, patients will be able to test themselves with simple inexpensive at home devices.

Third, high tech medical/dental devices will no longer be expensive standalone machines but will be connected to a smart phone and from there to the dentist via the Internet.

If the device featured in the article can detect bad breath it could be easily modified to detect periodontal disease or diabetes.

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