Caries Detection

by Larry Emmott on June 4, 2010

in Diagnostics

The article is interesting but from the description the system seems to me to be a bit awkward. For example it states it can take 50 seconds to examine a single spot on a single tooth. Then the dental software converts findings to a “Canary” number. What is that? I would rather have an already accepted clinical equivalent that integrates with my existing software. I am a huge fan of digital diagnostics. I hope this is better than it sounds. The Dr. Bicuspid link below requires registration.

Two years after unveiling a prototype of the Canary dental caries detection system at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) conference in Toronto, Quantum Dental Technologies is returning to the IADR meeting — this time in Barcelona, Spain — to present some of its first clinical findings.

via DrBicuspid Imaging.

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