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Caries Diagnosis With The Canary

34_767_CanaryIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from March.

A high tech diagnostic device scans the tissue looking for change. It will then convert the physiologic change to a digital format and report that change to the operator for interpretation or it will use computer algorithms to evaluate the observed changes and determine if pathology is present…

The Canary System uses a low-power, pulsating laser light to scan teeth for the presence of dental caries. The laser light is absorbed by the tooth and converted into luminescence and a tiny amount of heat. Simultaneous measurement of the reflected heat and light using fifty-two different algorithms evaluates the crystalline structure and can help determine the presence and extent of tooth decay

via Emmott On Technology: Caries Diagnostics Steps Ahead With The Canary System |

The Canary is just one of the latest in a new wave of high tech diagnostic devices. Traditional diagnostics relies on the training, skill, experience and knowledge of the diagnostician. It is highly subjective and susceptible to operator error.

Detecting subtle changes in redness of a lesion combined with variations in the whiteness and comparing those changes to a memorized collection of similar lesions to determine a preliminary diagnosis takes a trained and experienced professional. However we can now computerize those tasks. Computers are great at determining slight color changes and patterns. They are also great at comparing a finding to a large data base to find similarities and differences.

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