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Cutting Edge Soft Tissue Screening With VELscope

This week at Dentalcompare:

A quick outline of a diagnostic protocol using VELscope:

  • Observe the oral soft tissues during routine head and neck exam using VELscope as an adjunct.

  • If a suspicious area is observed apply conventional thinking to develop a preliminary differential diagnosis. If the patient relates a recent history of pizza burn the diagnosis may be rather simple. Clinical judgment is still required. VELscope won’t tell you if the lesion is a pizza burn or a squamous cell carcinoma.

  • If warranted by your observations and history document the lesion with a VELscope image, a white light photo and written description. If it highly suspicious, perhaps a red and white lesion on the floor of the mouth with distinctive lack of fluorescence you may want to skip the follow up and go directly to a referral…

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