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Dental Emergency Smartphone App

From Medical Xpress:

A team mentored by Thankam Thyvalikakath, DMD, PhD, now of the Indiana University School of Dentistry and of the Regenstrief Institute, has developed and tested a novel mobile application enabling smartphones to capture and transmit images from inside the mouth, along with details on the dental emergency, to provide the information dentists need to make a decision on what—and how urgently—care is needed.

Source: Have a dental emergency? Your smartphone may soon be able to help you avoid trip to the ER

The app is called Dentacom. Users are guided through a questionnaire and instructed to take photos of the area. This info is transmitted to a dentist who can evaluate the problem and suggest treatment.

As dentists know many situations which are frightening to patients and seem to them to be an emergency, such as a fractured cusp or lost temporary are not really an urgent situation. This app will help patients determine how urgent the situation might be and provide appropriate guidance. It may also reduce emergency room visits from patients with dental problems which do not really require emergency room services. This will help the patients get better care, save on medical resources and reduce costs.

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