Digital Diagnostics

One of the most exciting areas of new product development is high tech diagnostics. The core of hi tech diagnostics is the ability to scientifically measure a biologic condition and then to convert those measurements to a digital format for analysis and recording. The result is a highly accurate and consistent measurement.

The Florida Probe uses a carefully calibrated tip to ensure that everyone pushes with exactly the same pressure, 15gm. The instrument then takes a digital measurement accurate to 0.2 mm. 

All the periodontal findings including recession, pocket depth, bleeding, suppuration, furcation involvement, mobility and plaque assessment are recorded in a digital chart which becomes part of the patient’s electronic record. The pocket depth and bleeding sites are called out automatically by either a female voice or sound effects from the computer, not by the operator. The patient thereby hears the results from the computer and visually witnesses the exam on a color monitor with color-coded digital readouts – green, black and red – to identify the risk stages of disease.

The result is faster, more accurate and more consistent periodontal charting. A single operator with no assistant can complete a full exam in ten to twelve minutes.