Digital Impressions

LavaLava™ Chairside Oral Scanner C.O.S Digital 3D Scanner from 3M ESPE US Brontes – digital impressions.

One of life’s truly great experiences is the “Aha Moment.” That is a flash of creative insight that brings together random bits of information to a suddenly obvious understanding. Researchers have even identified a surge of electrical activity in our brains when we experience an Aha!

When considering high tech dental options the “Aha” comes when we realize it is not about any single high tech device but it is about the whole concept of creating digital…everything.

One of the new and exciting digital “things” we will be hearing a lot about in 2009 is digital impressions. This technology is used to digitize a solid object; that is to make a highly accurate digital simulation of a real three dimensional thing; for example a tooth. This incredible technology is the basis for CAD CAM, digital impressions and even Invisalign.

The most important element a dentist needs to understand about new digital impression technology is not whether or not it can make a crown like we used to or how the technology works but simply that it is digital. That changes everything – that is the Aha.

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