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Eliminate Pesky Impression Gremlins

gremlinsIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare article from last Dec on Digital Impressions.

Each of these items: the impression material, the stone, the wax, the investment, the metal, various acrylics and finally the oven fired porcelain has some sort of setting and shape change with time, temperature and humidity. There’s also mechanical distortion if the tray bends, the die is abraded, the material compresses or is pulled slightly from the tray. And of course there are bubbles, contamination and tears.

Any one of these errors—lurking like little gremlins—can easily go undetected by the lab or the dentist. The result – remake.

When you take a digital impression you eliminate all of those chemical and mechanical gremlins. The result is better and more reliable restorations with almost no remakes. Studies show a remake rate of just 0.3% with digital impressions compared to 4 -5% with traditional methods.

via Emmott On Technology: Go Digital to Eliminate Pesky Impression Gremlins |

Since that article was published E4D has introduced a new low cost impression camera the NEVO. It is powder free and takes continuous images to stitch together a model. It can be used with an E4D milling chamber or as a digital lab impression.

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