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FDA grapples with AI medical devices

From Roll Call:

Imagine a not-too-distant future when medical devices powered by artificial intelligence continuously adapt to new symptoms presented by patients and learn how to make accurate diagnoses much like a well-trained physician would.

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing for such a future and weighing how to assess and certify such medical devices, seeing them more like living things that can’t be regulated in the same manner as old-fashioned equipment.

Source: FDA grapples with AI medical devices

Interesting. I do believe a good case can be made in support of regulations to protect the public. On the other hand the bureaucratic incentive is to deny innovation. No one is ever criticized for denying a new device the public never hears about but they will be crucified if they approve some device that can be shown to cause harm.

It is reassuring to see there is at least some recognition of the problem.