Florida Probe before Jan 1

Poppa Bear, Momma Bear and Baby Bear all probe the same patient. Looking at the dipstick they wonder is that tissue over the black line? How much over? “Maybe it’s a three?” says Baby Bear. “Or a three and a half?” asks Momma Bear “No”, says Poppa Bear “it’s a four.” He pushes the hardest.

Different operators, with different skills and different “push” levels can’t help but to come up with different measurements.


The Florida Probe uses a carefully calibrated tip to ensure that everyone pushes with exactly the same pressure, 15gm. The instrument then takes a digital measurement accurate to 0.2 mm.


The Florida probe also calls out the findings as they are recorded. So the patient hears the computer saying, “Three, two, three, three, four, danger!”


Chris Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer for Florida Probe says, “Our users report that this ‘co-diagnosis’ effect helps to sell needed treatment for an often asymptomatic disease. These same offices also report a dramatic increase in profits from their hygiene department after the Florida Probe is added.”

Why Bother??? If you buy a Florida Probe right now you can deduct the entire expense off of this years taxes. Then you will have a proven tool to help diagnose and sell better treatment. When financial times are uncertain we need every tool we can find to help increase production while providing a great professional service.


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