Florida Probe; Improve Accuracy

Software_printoutsCaptain Hook, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell all probe the same patient. Looking at the dipstick (probe) they wonder is that tissue over the black line? How much over? “Maybe it’s a three?” says Tinkerbell. “Or a three and a half?” asks Peter. “No”, says the Captain “it’s a four.” He pushes the hardest.

Different operators, with different skills and different “push” levels can’t help but to come up with different measurements.

The Florida Probe uses a carefully calibrated tip to ensure that everyone pushes with exactly the same pressure, 15gm. The instrument then takes a digital measurement accurate to 0.2 mm. All the periodontal findings including bleeding, attachment loss and probe depths are recorded in a digital chart which becomes part of the patient’s electronic record.

The Florida probe also calls out the findings as they are recorded. So the patient hears the computer saying, “Three, two, three, three, four, danger!”

The result is faster, more accurate and more consistent periodontal charting.

See the web site here: Florida Probe

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