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Goodbye accountants! Startup builds AI to automate all your accounting. Are Dentists next?

From TechCrunch:

Customers submit their receipts to Smacc, which turns them into a machine-readable format, encrypts them, then allocates them to an account. The platform gradually also self-learns, tracking invoices, sales and costs, as well as their liquidity.

Source: Goodbye accountants! Startup builds AI to automate all your accounting | TechCrunch

Here is a related story about a robot lawyer.

Disruptive technology is rapidly encroaching on the so called professions including medicine and dentistry. If an AI accountant can do your books could an AI dentist or physician diagnose disease? The answer is yes it is already happening and will become more prevalent and accepted as big data analysis combined with improving physiological sensors continues. We are quickly approaching the Tricorder of Bones McCoy on Star Trek.

Could a robot prep and fill a tooth? Yes. It is likely the robot dentist of the future will not use an air driven handpiece but some completely new system that is better and can be controlled digitally. For example the Solera laser uses digitally controlled mirrors to focus laser energy to cut a tooth. Right now the laser is controlled by the dentist using a foot control. However if it is digital it could be controlled by a computer. Robot computers already work with human surgeons to perform incredibly precise micro surgery.

Once it is prepped the robot could quickly print a filling to exactly fit the tooth and bond it in place. Or perhaps the filling will be an organic substance that adheres biologically.

None of this is going to happen this week or even this decade, However something like it is entirely possible within the practice lifetime of dentists in practice right now.


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