Hi Tech Diagnostics

by Larry Emmott on July 21, 2020

in Diagnostics

How do you find decay? Poke the tooth with a sharp stick? How do you pick a shade? Hold up a paint chip and pick what looks the best? How do you measure a perio pocket? Push in a dip stick? How do you check for TMJ problems? Put your fingers over the joint and listen for a click? Or is it a pop or is it grating or crepitus (whatever that is?)

All of these traditional diagnostic methods have several things in common; they are subjective, they vary significantly from one operator to the next, and they aren’t very accurate.

Digital hi tech diagnosis changes everything. The core of hi tech diagnostics is the ability to scientifically measure a biologic condition and then to convert those measurements to a digital format for analysis and recording. The result is a highly accurate and consistent measurement. It is similar to the difference between two baseball fans arguing over which pitcher looks to them to have the fastest fastball. Or taking out the radar gun and actually measuring.

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